A History of Excellence

     Beta Tau Omega Fraternity was founded in the fall of 1995 at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.

     In the fall of 1994, twelve outstanding young men were inspired by the idea of bringing brotherhood among Asian-Americans to the Bryan/College Station area. With their high-set goals in mind, the twelve forged a path into excellence; a code that all of the fraternity's members would follow. In this code were vows of brotherhood, service to one's community, chivalry, passion for leadership, and enlightenment about Asian American culture.

     Three words stood above all others: Wisdom, Honor, and Courage.

     For over a decade, Beta Tau Omega has thrived at the Texas A&M campus by following these principles, bringing hundreds of young men of every imaginable background together in the name of brotherhood. Since its founding, Beta Tau Omega has been a pillar of the Asian American community at Texas A&M and remains the only Asian Interest Fraternity in Texas to be continuously recognized by its school since it was founded.